Emergency Response Equipment for Your Company in Ontario

Equipping your workspace for the worst case scenario is essential to remain compliant and ensure your employees have access to the safety materials they need, when they need them. Carefully placed stations, extinguishers, and other safety response systems will help see to it that your workspace and personnel are prepared for every risk and potential damages are minimized. If you are ready to outfit your workplace with the necessary emergency response equipment in Burlington, the team at Neath Industrial Safety can offer guidance, trusted industry systems, and a wide variety of products designed to limit liability and enable the safety of your staff and guests. 

Leading Emergency Response Solutions for Your Business in Ontario

Check out our most popular emergency response equipment and work with our team to find the right materials to prepare your specific work area and to suit your particular industry’s risks and concerns.

Manufacturers; Zenith, Strike First, Herbert Williams, Justrite, Enpac, Bradley, Haws, Honeywell, Safe Cross and 3M.

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Fire Safety:

Fire safety is essential for every building, both residential and commercial. Chemical fire extinguishers are mandatory and should be maintained regularly. Other options for facilities that have increased risk of Class B gasoline fires or Class C electrical equipment fires include wet chemical extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. The options Neath Industrial Safety offers are lightweight, easy to service, and designed for safe keeping and easy use. In addition, we offer a range of door alarms, accessories, and alarm systems to prevent injury or death caused by fire or carbon monoxide.

First Aid

Every space should have an accessible first aid kit available. Make all employees aware of its location and ensure it is fully stocked to be used at any time. Specific regulations are determined based on the size, location, and industry type of your company. Neath Industrial Safety can help you determine the right provincial and federal regulation kits to safeguard your employees and guests.

Skin Care

Hand sanitizers and adequate hand washing areas are essential to limit the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your laboratory, office, factory, or other type of job site. We offer a wide range of skin cleaning solutions that can be installed within your space for easy, accessible, affordable, and highly effective hand washing. If your team works outdoors, we also offer sun care, insect repellant, and portable cleaning options to keep everyone comfortable.

Emergency Wash Stations

Stations for emergency eye and body washing ensure that contamination is limited and injury from biohazards, chemicals, and airborne debris is maintained. Our products meet all requirements for ANSI Standard Z358. 1-2009 regulations and provide a reliable, safe place for employees to seek relief from exposure.

Spill Control

Limit the spread and damage caused by unexpected splashes, spills, or leaks of hazardous material. If your jobsite involves toxic, corrosive, flammable, or otherwise hazardous substances, spill control emergency response equipment will alert you to the issue and keep it from spreading. Specially designed pads and rolls can be chosen to suit the products you work with and fit in your space.

Emergency Response Equipment in Burlington

Prepare for the Worst with Emergency Response Equipment in Burlington, Ontario

Neath Industrial Safety provides a wide variety of emergency response equipment and systems that meet industry regulations and exceed your expectations for quality. Contact us to learn more about our product range and how we can make your space safe.

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