Safety Identification Equipment: Prepare Your Workplace with Everything from Stations to Signage

Working with sensitive, hazardous, chemical, or dangerous materials opens up your employees and any passersby to a range of risks. Industries of all kinds face unique liability challenges when it comes to establishing a safe and productive work space. Safety identification equipment can make this process easier and ensure that your company’s assets are covered with the right labels and signs. Meet industry standards and protect people in your work environment with clear, affordable, and durable safety identification equipment in Burlington. 

Options for Complete Safety Identification Equipment in Ontario

Wondering what this range of signage and options encompasses? Consider the categories below to make your space more safe and functional, and contact the industrial safety professionals at Neath Industrial Safety for more details about outfitting your workplace with adequate identification.

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From informative wall charts to centralized stations, we can ensure your workspace is compliant with all WHIMIS standards. Keep the essentials at your fingertips for the GHS system, make reference material visible and easy to locate, and ensure binders and pictograms are easy to identify. Keep your company compliant and your employees safe with easy access to all the relevant information they need.

Shipping Labels

Whether your company routinely or irregularly ships dangerous or hazardous materials, correct labeling is essential for the safety of everyone involved in transit. Paper labels for indoor use and vinyl material for outdoor use ensure that your shipment will be identifiable, no matter where it ends up along the way. We offer shipping labels that cover everything from organic peroxides to poison. Every roll is printed on durable sheets with fade-resistant inks to meet the specifications and guidelines put forward by Transport Canada. Avoid liability and prioritize safety with these easy to use and affordable labels.

Custom Signs

Have a slippery corner, noisy machinery, or other potential hazard in your workspace? Custom signage can provide reminders to stay alert, avoid present risks, and make your work area as safe and convenient as possible. Neath Industrial Safety will work with you to communicate your particular safety concern or hazard clearly and effectively to avoid liability and limit risk.


Lighted scoreboards can highlight your company’s clean record and diligence when it comes to safety. Digi-day and Digi-day Plus Electronic Scoreboards are available in various sizes and styles that automatically count and illuminate the number of days your workplace has gone without an incident. Motivate your team and communicate your efforts to clients, prospects, and guests with this easy-to-install scoreboard.

Communication Devices

Keep your employees connected regardless of noise level or distance. Horns, two-way radios, and megaphones can allow your managers to provide directions, safety warnings, and other information to members of your team.

All the Safety Identification Equipment You Need in Burlington, Ontario

Ensure your space is properly outfitted and communicate safety standards to everyone in your workplace with the right variety of safety identification equipment. From basic signage to industry-specific labels, Neath Industrial Safety has everything you need. Our team has been providing a range of safety products for companies for 40 years. Work with us for customized safety solutions and a compliant, safe work environment.

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