Tips for Finding the Right Traffic Control Equipment in Burlington

Big jobsites often involve major transportation considerations, from temporary obstructions to extended driving precautions. Having the right signage keeps your employees safe and the street functional during work periods. Do you know what traffic equipment you will need? Consider local regulations and job-specific concerns as you identify the best signage and equipment for effective traffic management. Neath Industrial Protection can provide useful advice, with 40 years of service in industrial protection and familiarity with Ontario codes and bylaws. Check out the options below and contact our team for tips to put the right traffic control measures in place. 

Reliable Traffic Control Equipment for Safety and Efficiency

Work with industrial safety experts and invest in quality equipment. Keep the following options in mind for traffic control when determining the best solutions for your upcoming job:

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Traffic Control

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Safety Gear

If your team will be responsible for directing and controlling the flow of traffic, good visibility is essential. The right safety gear will ensure the individuals directing traffic are seen and obeyed to keep them safe and keep things running smoothly.

Speed Bumps

Parking lot safety is just as important as traffic and road safety. Durable and reliable speed bumps keep drivers alert and traveling at a safe speed for your parking area. Avoid fender benders or more severe accidents with strategically placed, affordable speed bump strips.

Crowd Control Barriers

Foot traffic causing issues in your workplace or job site? Flexible, durable, and customizable crowd control barriers can allow you to direct people through your space, delineate queues and keep people moving through your interior or exterior areas with efficiency and respect.


Tight corners, narrow lanes, and blind spots can create unnecessary risk and harm to pedestrians and drivers. Add strategically placed mirrors to improve visibility in your spaces and avoid accidents. Flat, concave, and convex mirrors are available that can be mounted on interior or exterior walls, ceilings, and trucks to keep everyone aware of their surroundings. Security mirrors are also available to improve the range of your team’s visibility.


Large, lightweight, handheld signs are visible to drivers and available in double-sided options to easily and effectively control the flow of traffic. Buy durable products that will allow your employees to communicate with drivers without wearing out their arms.

Traffic Cones

Mark off your construction area or zones that should be avoided with flexible, durable, and highly visible traffic cones. This popular option for traffic control is available in a wide variety of bright colours and with different options to suit your needs. Whether your site demands collapsible and portable cones or toppers that can be connected into a solid line, Neath Industrial Safety has a range of solutions.

Safety Flags

If your job involves manoeuvering large vehicles and machinery, having large safety flags handy will allow you to notify vehicles nearby and make necessary relocations or movements safely. Different sizes, materials, and colours are available to suit your particular application.

Reliable Traffic Control Equipment in Burlington, Ontario

Get all the traffic control equipment you need from Neath Industrial Protection. Tell our team more about your job site and we can provide a recommendation for safely marked, identifiable, and flexible traffic control. From beginning to end, we are dedicated to making your job site a safe space for employees and the general public.

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