Personal Protection in Burlington

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Prioritize Personal Protection on Your Job Site

Safety codes and regulations are important to run a job site without risking the safety of individuals and liability of your company. Aside from major permits and sound violations, you also need to empower individual employees with the tools, gear, and accessories necessary to make them feel safe and secure when completing all the tasks required throughout a busy day. Showing concern for safety will encourage a positive attitude throughout the job site and help each person on your team remain focused on completing their work. Whether you have a new company or new employees, ensuring each member of your team is equipped to work safely and comfortably will keep your work productive and successful.

Personal Protection Categories to Consider for a Safe Work Environment

Different job sites have different industry requirements and specific concerns. Consider the following areas of personal protection:

  • Eyes: A wide range of industries face exposure to different elements that can impact, dry, or hurt the eyes. The eyes are a critical sense for most lines of work, and the sensitive area requires specialized protection. Goggles, glasses, and tinted lenses should be utilized to ensure your employees’ are shielded from everything their eyes are exposed to on the job.
  • Head Protection: Falling objects, tight working conditions, and other hazards can make job sites risky. Ensure each person who steps foot on the work site, including guests and infrequent visitors, have access to reliable hard hats or other suitable head gear.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Long hours, high temperatures, and demanding machinery can lead to hot days and dehydrated employees. Equip your site with fans to keep workers comfortable and redirect hot air from big machinery. Keep your team hydrated with rehydration packs and accessible water stations. Personal protection includes health and safety under the surface, so be prepared with preventative measures and employee-focused solutions.
  • Ergonomics: Awareness of long-term hazards and injury developments can ensure your employees perform at their best with comfort solutions. Offer back support,

Knee protection, and joint support for repetitive motions and positions that are held for an extended period of time.


Hearing damage may not be evident right away but its long-term effects can be dramatic. Loud job sites and close quarters make ear protection a necessity. Find the grade and style that is most comfortable and appropriate for your team and ensure each person has the protection they need for a lifetime of hearing.


An employee’s attire should never compromise their safety or the safety of others. Handling hazardous materials, working with toxic chemicals, clean up jobs, and exposure can lead to health issues and nasty injuries. Simplify dress codes with performance gear designed for personal protection in Burlington. Flame resistance, winter layers, and breathable barriers that extend from head-to-toe ensure your team is safe from harm as they get the job done.

Respiratory Gear

Efficient control and professional safety are top concerns for your company, but airborne particles are impossible to contain. The right respiratory protection should be made available for each person onsite to limit exposure and minimize the impact of particles, aerosols, and other materials.

Quality Personal Protection Gear at Neath Industrial Protection in Burlington, Ontario

Neath Industrial Protection has been offering companies across Ontario with a reliable and extensive selection of high-quality, affordable, and tested safety gear for over 40 years. We are dedicated to safety so your team can get the job done. Ensure the personal protection of your team and keep your company up-to-date with industry safety standards and regulations.

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