Safe Storage Solutions for Flammable or Hazardous Materials in Ontario

Many industries work with flammable materials, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Your employees should be prepared to safely handle these materials, but you also need the right materials on hand to store and maintain these substances. Neath Industrial Protection offers a variety of storage options and solutions for highly toxic, flammable, or otherwise volatile materials. Cans, cabinets, and more are available to ensure that your workplace includes a place for everything that is secure and designed for durable safekeeping.

Reliable and Flexible Safety Storage in Burlington

Explore your options to keep work materials in good condition and safe from tampering, exposure, or unexpected spills. When you have the right tools and storage options, you can ensure work is completed in a timely and effective manner with minimal risk and waste.

Two major categories define the storage offerings from Neath Industrial Safety. Consider cabinets and containers for your workplace and work with our team to find a customized solution that suits your business needs today and in the future.

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Manufacturers; Justrite , Zenith, Herbert Williams


Safety Cabinets

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Safety Cans

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  • Flammable: Units are constructed from 18-gauge, double-walled welded steel. Minimize risk and liability in the event of a fire and protect your hazardous materials in these FM approved cabinets.
  • Secure: Lockable handles and vents with flash arrestors ensure the cabinet is secure from tampering. Give the right people access when they need it and eliminate the risks associated with housing open, unmonitored materials.
  • Variety of Sizes: Whether you work in a large warehouse or a small laboratory, we have a wide range of cabinet sizes that can fit neatly into your space. Convenient shelving options give you the perfect type of storage arrangement for your particular materials.
  • Flexibility: Different door styles ensure security and minimum disruption in your workspace. Manual doors provide an economical, full-access solution. Sliding doors are perfect for tight spaces and one-handed use. Self-close technology allows doors to be shut upon release for added safety precautions. At a temperature that goes above 74 degrees Celsius, the fusible links will melt and the door will close.
  • Leak-Proof: do away with ongoing concerns about unexpected leaks going unnoticed. These cabinets contain all sensitive or hazardous materials even if a container is left open or gets knocked over.

Containers and Cans

  • AccuFlow™ Systems: Precise pouring and reliable sealing are offered through the AccuFlow™ system, which limits the escape of vapours, odours, and other hazardous by-products of sensitive materials. Leak-proof and self-closing, these cans are an effective, clearly marked, and affordable storage solution.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Options: If your company is working towards more eco-conscious operations, consider Eco Gas Cans that are ULC and CSA approved to make your work site more efficient.
  • Safety Systems: Tilt stands, shelving options, flame arrestors, and  a conscientious design ensure that cans are made to fit and function for your particular materials and space.

Fulfill All Your Safety Storage Needs in Burlington, Ontario

Outfit your space with all the necessary storage units you require. Neath Industrial Safety has been providing safe, secure, and affordable solutions for a compliant and effective workspace for the past 40 years. Contact us to learn more about our options for safe storage. We also have a full lineup of personal protection gear available for your employees to work safely and efficiently.

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